About us

About us

We help transfer money for a better world

Remit Exchange established in 2017,Remit Exchange for Money Transfer is considered to be one of the Best Service Provider and leading exchange company in the field of Remittance in Sudan. Remit Exchange is widely spread across Sudan by more than 17 branches and extending high-quality financial services to the Customers, businesses, Expatriate and Sudanese community at large. Remit Exchange For Money Transfer today it is considered to be one of the pioneering and leading exchange company in Sudan.
Our endeavors are to look ahead and continue, this unique success story throughout Sudan and GCC region.
Remit Exchange is using a trusted Remittance Software are available in all our branches.

Vision & Mission

To be the customers’ first choice for currency exchange and money remittance services by continuous improvement in our services using latest technology, by employing efficient and courteous staff and by providing innovative options to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and there by building a strong customer base.

To maintain and provide top quality service to the customers by providing a variety of remittance options to choose from, by entering into business tie ups with the best banks and service providers in the world, by using the state of the art technology and by utilizing the highly motivated, well trained and proactive staff who can provide a hassle free environment to the customers to do their transactions.

Managed by professionals who have many years of experience in the field, following the highest standards of business ethics, transparent in its dealing with employees, customers and business partners and supported by the patronage of our loyal customers:

  • Integrity: Earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders
  • Teamwork: Realizing a shared vision
  • Customer Excellence: Customer is the lifeblood for our organization
  • Innovation: Redefine the customer experience
  • Social Commitments: Actively fulfill social responsibilities as a member of the community
  • Strategic Leadership: Molding organization philosophies